Stuart Zahn

I consider myself a software craftsman skilled at increasing organizational efficiency by utilizing cloud architecture to develop and deploy enterprise solutions. I have developed businesses processes, websites, and data driven APIs in diverse industries, languages and platforms. In addition to development, I enjoy automating software delivery with DevOps best practices. While I'm not coding, I enjoy hiking, photography.

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Develop Full Stack Applications


Utilize Cloud architecture to scale applications


Deploy to Cloud Native

Stuart Zahn
Lead Application Engineer

Phoenix, AZ

Recent Accomplishments

  • Developed eCommerce fraud detection ML data pipeline using serverless architecture, NoSql allowing analysts to configure and extend pipeline.
  • Implemented serverless order processing utilizing AWS Lambda Python, Node, S3, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, Cloudwatch, RDS and DynamoDB.
  • Developed Tableau integrated AWS chatbot with React JS, Lex, Lambda.
  • Developed an electronic content management system for high-volume imaging, recognition and classification of records which included LDAP authentication, Lucene full-text search, supervised learning OCR algorithms.
  • Developed single page web applications using HTML5, Javascript, React, Angular which featured D3, PowerBI data visualization elements. Utilized GraphQL, Apollo as a uniform data access layer over Elasticsearch, Hadoop, SQL.
  • Developed ETL pipelines in Python, NodeJS, .Net Core processing thousands of records daily.
  • Developed .Net, Go, Javascript, Node JS consumer REST and RPG APIs utilizing cloud infrastructure components as Pub/Sub message queues for batch processing, XML and JSON blob storage data lakes.
  • Implemented Identity Access Management (IAM), OAuth 2.0, JWT Bearer token authentication, SSO (single sign on) with an identity server.
  • Developed data access middleware for relational and non-relational databases such as T-SQL, MSQL stored procedures, Postgres, DynamoDb (NoSql).
  • Lifted and shifted N-tier services to Azure, AWS, GCP managed services for auto-scaling, high-availability.
  • Developed data ingestion pipelines in Python, NodeJS. Utilized S3 Data Lake for blob storage, DynamoDB for JSON persistence. Integrated Prometheus, Grafana, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana (ELK) for centralized logging and monitoring of key business metrics.

  • Reviews

    "It's not everyday that I come across people with a passion for good software design and manageable code. I had the pleasure of working alongside Stuart on a passion project (web app). Stuart demonstrated a strong background in full stack development and is definitely worthy of hire. I would hire him as an engineer if I had the opportunity to do so."

    John D.

    "I wanted to leave a quick note of gratitude for your extremely well thought out solution and quick turn around on the development effort. Your attention to detail and drive to put the best solution forward was amazing and made the entire project come together smoothly and flawlessly. The thought leadership put into this has a major impact on our ability to succeed locally using the tools we've developed."

    Geof P.

    "I want to extend my gratitude for Stuart's dedication and expertise he displayed. There were a lot of changes to scope and approach by our client and Stuart was able to flex and adjust as needed. Although it was frustrating at times, Stuart leveraged his expertise to help educate and guide our clients in the right direction. I've heard nothing but positive feedback about Stuart from our client and they have told us they look forward to working with him again in the future."

    Andrew A.

    "...provided leadership in the research of search an architect you contributed to showing strong technology skills, and answering tough search questions. As a member on the team; your participation provided me and the team with your skilled, and technical work. I appreciate your quality work, and delivery excellence and teamwork".

    Lisa G.