How to Use Twilio for SMS

2019-01-25 api crm javascript node

With CRM software being high in demand, there is always a need to keep in touch with the end user. Using Twilio, you can easily register new virtual phone numbers to send and recieve text messages and voice calls.

Phone Number Registration

First, obtain an account sid and auth token from the console. Imagine giving each user their own phone number. Phone number registration is simple and only costs $1 a month. To register a phone number, search for an available one by area code.

const client = require('twilio');

async function purchasePhoneNumber({areaCode}) {

    console.log(`Purchasing (${areaCode}) phone number...`)

    const phoneNumbers = await client.availablePhoneNumbers('US')
        .list({areaCode: areaCode});

    if (!phoneNumbers.length){
        throw new Error(`No phone numbers available for area code ${areaCode}. Try another area code.`);

    const {phoneNumber} = phoneNumbers[0];

    const {dateCreated, friendlyName, phoneNumber : purchasedNumber, sid} = await client.incomingPhoneNumbers.create({phoneNumber: phoneNumber})

    return {
        created: dateCreated,
        name: friendlyName,
        purchasedNumber: purchasedNumber,
        sid: sid


Text Messaging

Once a phone number is obtained, it can be registered with an existing VoIP system with SIP registration. To send a text message:

async function sendMessage({to, from, message}){
    console.log(`Sending message '${message}' from ${from} to ${to}.`)
    const {errorCode, errorMessage, status} = await client.messages.create({
        body: message,
        to: to,
        from: from

    return {

Get the full source code at Github.